“we do this for our younger selves, who never saw their reflections stare back at them on tv”


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martha, logistics + procurement

the bff director behind making sure every one of the events go off without a hitch.

speak with martha about:

  • the nitty gritty of how we manage + execute events

email: martha@blackfemmefilm.com


nabilla, cinema + venue liason

the bff director sourcing the spaces we take over for a few hours.

speak to nabilla about:

  • how we source, choose and decide on venues


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monique, finance + partnerships

the bff director making sure we can afford pull off events and partnering with brands and agencies who want some of the bff action

speak to monique about:

  • partnerships

  • funding

  • sponsorship




alegria, creative branding + marketing

the bff director in charge of deciding what we look + sound like as well as what crazy ideas we try next

speak to alegria about:

  • branding and design opportunities

  • social media

  • creative ventures


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stefanie, pr + comms

the bff director in charge of reaching out to fellow film lovers you know and love to enjoy events with us, individual partnerships + keeping our subbies updates

speak to stefanie about:

  • partnering with us (non-agency)

  • influencer marketing

  • email marketing

  • press related items


come and find us at our events!