Black Femme Film

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Dreaming of a sight like this [BFF attendees engaging with my films], kept me going for a decade!
— BAFTA award-winning direct, Amma Asante MBE ( BFF screening and conversation "WHERE HANDS TOUCH")
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If it doesn’t exist, we’re just going to create it
— black femme film founders

black femme film was born out of necessity. with the changing tide of culture has grown a realisation, if what you need is not readily available - create it; so, we have.

our film club creates a safe space for otherwise marginalised and forgotten movie-lovers to come together, enjoy great film and even greater company.

as we grow in membership number - we are steadily approaching 1,000 - we have seen subscription and follower numbers grow at an average rate of 10% a week; as one attendee noted "I can't believe we didn’t have this sooner”.

since our conception in march 2018, black femme film has hosted multiple sold out screenings hosted by picturehouse, genesis, peckhamplex and more; attended and led workshops at SOAS, Oxford University, BFI, Into Film and Black Pride - working to establish the legitimacy of black and mixed women as avid cinephiles but build paths that amplify their opportunities to grow in their appreciation for film.


with much focus on diversity in the industry, but still not many faces that highlight the changes have been taking place, our film collective aims to amplify voices, create spaces and champion those who are creating using the visual medium - on their own terms.

we want to create a legacy that creates a path for black and mixed women to continue creating, with (more than) enough support and influence to become their own cinematic tastemakers.


this is just the start.

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introducing, “reel talk” podcast, a space for laughter, reviews and recent news. there’s no filter, so play at your own risk.

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